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Do you want to grow?

Jamdal can offer many services where we support your people and organization to grow in a profitable and controlled way. With emphasis on the market and customer relations, our aim is to analyse the financial prospects of an organization and diagnose the problems. Among our services are:

Spider analyses

We are also conducting spider analyses in accordance with ISO 9000 eight guide lines:

  1. Customer focus - The organization is depending on its customers and should understand actual and coming customer needs and requirements and work towards fulfillment of customers expectations or exceeding them.
  2. Leadership - To provide a clear picture of the possibilities of the company goals direction
  3. Employee commitment - Human resources at all levels are the company?s main asset. Their full commitment means that their ability can be used most efficiently for the organization.
  4. Process view - The goal or result is reached more effectively when activities and resources are managed as a process.
  5. Systematic work method - To create, understand and manage processes as a system makes the organisation more effective.
  6. Continuous Improvement - Continuous improvement of the organizations function and result should be a constant goal.
  7. Decisions made on facts - Strategies and decisions based on facts.
  8. Mutual favorable relations to sub suppliers - An organization and their sub suppliers is mutual depending on each other and mutual favorable relations.